Why is there a request to "https://searchincognito.com/update/regex"?

If you have one of the Search Incognito extensions installed then you may have noticed a background request to the URL: https://searchincognito.com/update/regex. If you are curious what this is and why it happens, feel free to visit that URL yourself and see it's contents.

From time to time we find new search engines that violate users' privacy and track them. In order to protect our users and keep them away from these tracking search engines, we update the extension periodically with a new list of search engines to block. The request to https://searchincognito.com/update/regex is made so that we can update the extension without having to publish a new version to the various web stores, and also so that we can react more quickly to new search engines than the publishing timeline of the web stores allow us to.

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