What is Search Incognito?

Search Incognito - The Privacy Enhanced Search Engine

Search Incognito is a search engine. What makes Search Incognito unique in comparison to other search engines, is there is no individual tracking. Search Incognito does not track any identifiable information about users. We also make use of the newest and best possible security features, including Perfect Secrecy SSL to protect our user’s information and ensure that it remains private.

The Big Search Engines' Big Secret

Did you know that most search engines have a profile on file about what kind of person they think you are? On most search engines, every single search you make is stored and analyzed to build a better idea of what demographic you fit into- all so that the companies can serve you advertisements they think you're more likely to click on. Your full search history is kept for months on these search engines and can be connected back to you and your family so that you see advertisements across the internet for things you searched for. And it gets worse! If you read the fine print in privacy policies for the most popular search engines, it says they can associate your search history with any account or email address you have with them- including Google, Microsoft, or Yahoo accounts.

Keep Your Private Information Private

While other search engines store every search you ever type Search Incognito holds your privacy above everything else. Search Incognito knows about the dangers of large corporations and individuals trying to gain access to your private information and protects you so that you can search the web without a worry. Your private information is just that- private. Search Incognito makes sure it stays that way.

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